Moonlit Lily Lager Project

Cahaba Brewing Company has long drawn inspiration from the Cahaba river. Our namesake, our adventurous past and our perilous future all lie along the banks of Cahaba. In collaboration with Cahaba River Society and REI Co-op, Cahaba Brewing Company is setting out to bring awareness to Alabama’s most biodiverse river for both conservation and responsible exploration.

An ode to our graceful Cahaba lilies and Cahaba River Society’s annual tours of their habitat, we present to you and the world: Moonlit Lily Lager.

Cahaba Brewing Company and REI Co-op are proud to sponsor this brew and raise funds for Cahaba River Society and their mission of education and preservation. A percentage of proceeds from Moonlit Lily Lager will go directly to Cahaba River Society.

Moonlit Lily Lager brings us all together, just as the elegance of the Cahaba lily’s blooms brings us to the river. So join us as we propose this toast—with a bright Moonlit Lily Lager in hand—"To the nature that surrounds us!” Cheers!

For a limited time, cans of Moonlit Lily Lager to-go are exclusively available in Cahaba Brewing Company’s Taproom and Piggly-Wiggly grocery stores.

Find out more about Cahaba River Society by visiting their website.


Find Moonlit Lily Lager at Piggy Wigglys and the following restaurants and bars:


Post Office Pies

Mom’s Basement

Fancy’s on Fifth

Marble Ring

Thirsty Donkey

Garage Cafe

Cahaba Brewing Company would like to welcome REI Co-op to the Cahaba river neighborhood! REI Co-op, where you can find environmentally responsible gear, is opening at the Summit in October 2019.