If one of these beers listed is no longer on tap in our Taproom, do not be angry at the bartender. Instead, be happy that the beer was loved and enjoyed until the end.

This list is subject to change and was last updated on TUESDAY, 3/19/19.


The most notorious of Cahaba’s brews, this drinkable beer has an IBU of just 23. Our American Blonde Ale is brewed with an unmistakable blend of European malts and hops, resulting in a clean finish. Blonde is light-bodied with just enough malt and hop to keep your interest. This beer pairs well with warm Alabama summer days and has become a local favorite for the pool, beach, or a lazy afternoon floating down the Cahaba River. IBU 23 ABV 5.25%


Our White IPA straddles the line between a Belgian Wit and an IPA. With this beer, you will find a dry hopped American IPA with subtle notes of orange peel and coriander. This perfectly balanced hybrid is fermented with a Belgian Ale yeast. The White IPA picks up those refreshing Belgian wheat characteristics while still being pleasantly hop-forward. It’s available year round and is perfect in any weather. IBU 58 ABV 6.1%


An American IPA in the truest sense. The straightforward Oka Uba is loaded up with classic hops at the end of the boil and then dry hopped for an earthy and slightly citrusy flavor and aroma. This gorgeous IPA illuminates an orange and red hue in the light. It is a staple of both our community and our Taproom. The name is derived from the indigenous word for the Cahaba river and can be translated to “the Water Above”. IBU 65 ABV 7%


Don’t let the low gravity fool you! Our American Pale Ale is as surprisingly full-bodied and flavorful as a “small” beer can be. With plenty of malt character and a great mouth feel, don’t be surprised at the good head retention in your pint glass. A bready finish follows the refreshingly subtle hop character and floral aroma for a perfectly balanced session beer. Drink it down and admire the lacing when it’s done. IBU 35 ABV 4.1%


This take on a classic dry Irish Stout is available in cans every Winter, but you will find this on draft throughout the year. It is full of the roasted barley, malt character, and smoothness expected from the style, but with a subtle fruitiness reminiscent of the Irish yeast used. This beer pours with a satisfyingly dark color and surprisingly light body. The Irish Stout is roasty on the front with a chocolatey finish. IBU 35 ABV 4.3%

Named after a genus of Sweetgum tree commonly found along our Cahaba river, Liquidambar is as well-balanced as they come. This American Amber has that quintessential hop-backbone for a slight bitterness that fades in after the beautiful, crisp maltiness. Deep red and easy to drink, Liquidambar is a long-time favorite around town and in our Taproom. IBU 51 ABV 5.25%


This bourbon barrel aged Imperial Stout was brewed in December of 2017 as our 1,000th batch of beer. Strong bourbon and oak characteristics made their way into this Stout while it aged for over a year. With deeply complex malt character, this “big” beer is exceptionally balanced. Coming in at 10.5% ABV, Batch 1,000 is a cause for celebration.


A special, limited edition run of our Batch 1,000 with 35 pounds of toasted coconut added. Coconut Batch 1,000 is a glass of dark heaven with sweet coconut on the nose and in flavor.. The toasted coconut alongside the rich malt character and hint of oak from barrel aging makes for a beautiful glass of beer. IBU 68 ABV 10.5%



This beer varies in flavor from barrel to barrel. You will always find an IPA that has parted ways with it’s signature in-your-face bitterness to welcome flavors more traditional of Oak Aged refreshments. You may fine a hint of oak or a pinch of bourbon on the nose and on your palate. Try a pour of the Oak Aged IPA every so often and compare it to your previous and fond memories. ABV 9.5%

The Pilot Batch system only creates small quantities of beer. The following beers are likely to go quickly!

The Pilot Batch system only creates small quantities of beer. The following beers are likely to go quickly!


Triple Double Dunkel is a celebration of the March Madness season that is upon us! This wheat beer is soft and slightly sweet with a medium-full body and notes of banana and clove. With Munich malt, Triple Double Dunkel is a little different from a normal weissbier, while still have a perfectly crisp and refreshing slam dunk finish. IBU 15 ABV 4.7%


This American Light lager is delicately light bodied. The pale-straw appearance has a brilliant clarity and slightly sweet, grainy aroma. Highly carbonated and with a crisp, dry finish, the River Sitter lager is the beginning of a love affair with light beer. IBU 12 ABV 3.9%


The KILLER IPA Series is expected to have four to six members who have yet to be identified. Authorities have describe the pint-sized vagrants as “delicious and dangerously drinkable.” They have also advised the community to approach with great caution if you find one of the Killer IPAs within your vicinity. New reports have confirmed that Cahaba Brewing CSIPA Department agents are diligently brewing in an effort to hunt down the series of hopetrators, and have asked craft beer consumers to aid them in their search.



NO LONGER AVAILABLE. The Speed Freak IPA was the first confirmed member of the notorious Killer IPA craft beer series. IBU 60 ABV 6%

If you are coming to a Private event, there will be a predetermined selection of the above beers.