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Ryval Beer Pong Tournament

Ryval is throwing its inaugural beer pong tournament. Grab a partner, come up with a creative name, and sign your team up. The winner of the tournament wins $100 CASH! Do you have what it takes?


  • Particpants will not be required to drink beer during the tournament.
  • The cups will be filled with water, and will not be consumed.
  • Those who choose to drink beer during the tournament MAY NOT bring their own beer, but must purchase it from Cahaba.


  1. Do each of our teammates have to buy a ticket? No. One Team Entry ticket ($20) covers both teammates.
  2. Where do we put our team name? There is a box at the end of the registration form for Team Name. 
  3. Do you have to be 21 to participate? No. 
  4. How will teams be seeded? Once all of the teams have signed up, we will put them all in a random bracket generator. 
  5. Do we wear uniforms/jerseys/costumes for our team? It is highly encouraged!

Click to register. 

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