Our drinkable Oka Uba IPA aged in bourbon barrels for a distinct hoppy bourbon experience. You'll enjoy subtle notes of bourbon and oak wit a crisp hop finish you expect from Oka Uba. 

ABV: 7.5%

IBU: 57


american BROWN

Our American brown ale has a backbone likened to an English style brown ale, but is hopped like a pale ale. Robust and hoppy, you will find rich caramel and roasted notes. With a well-balanced malt-to-hop ratio, this phenomenal brown ale won't let you down. 

ABV: 6.9 %


Rye Imperial Stout

Like Alabama, our Imperial Stout is rich in tradition. The addition of rye malt gives this brew a truly unique character with notes of coffee, roasted malt, and chocolate. Sit down with your friends and enjoy the rich, complex flavors accented with a smooth warming finish.

ABV: 9.2%