Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your taproom dog-friendly?
A: Absolutely. We do ask that you keep your canine companions on a leash.


Q: I left my credit card at the Taproom last night. How do I get it back?
A: Just come by during normal Taproom hours and a bartender will return it. Please make sure you bring a photo ID. 


Q: Where can you find your beers? 
A: Check out our BEER FINDER for a map of current retailers who carry our products. We are currently on draft throughout Jefferson, Shelby and Tuscaloosa counties and our cans are selling throughout central Alabama. Look for us in all your favorite retailers and if you cannot find us near you, please ask your local establishment to carry our products. 


Q: Who distributes your beer for restaurants, bars, and retail locations?
A: Our local distributors include Birmingham Budweiser, Adams Beverage, Turner Beverage & Bama Budweiser.


Q: Can I purchase to-go beer from the brewery?
A: As of June 1, 2016, we are able to fill and sell growlers in the taproom!  The selection varies based on what we have on tap at the time.  Additionally, we are able to sell 6-packs of any of our can offerings.  Unfortunately, we are still not able to sell kegs due to the ounce limit placed on off-premise sales*. However, most beer-to-go accounts should be able to sell a keg to the public with ample lead time.

*HB176 places a limit on the amount of ounces of beer we can sell each person off premise per day.  We can sell 288 ounces of beer to each person (that equates to 24 12-ounce cans, 9 32-ounce crowlers, etc).


Q: Can I drink my crowler on growler at the taproom?
A: Every growler, crowler, or 6-pack we sell is intended for off-premise consumption.  Due to this, if anything sold for off-premise consumption is opened in the taproom we have a legal responsibility to dispose of the beer.


Q: I live in another state. Can you ship me a six-pack?
A: Unfortunately, we are not able to ship you beer. We hope you make it to Alabama soon to purchase our beer from various local retailers or you are able to visit the taproom for some of our specialty beers on tap. 


Q: I don't drink beer. Do you sell wine or liquor in your taproom?
A: Legally, we are unable to sell or serve any beverage in our taproom other than the beer we produce in-house. 


Q: How can we get Cahaba Brewing Co. to sponsor or donate to our upcoming event, charity or organization?
A: We only donate beer to 501c3 charities. While we are unable to make cash donations to your organization, we have a limited amount of beer we will donate each month and reserve the right to deny any request for donations. If you are a 501c3 and would like to make a donation request, please visit our DONATION REQUEST page.


Q: I'd love to work or volunteer with Cahaba. How can I get involved?
A: We are so glad you want to be a part of our crew! Click here for more details. 

Q: Do you offer tours of your brewery?
A: Yes. We offer brewery tours Saturdays at 2 p.m. Our taproom staff will be glad to guide you through our beer list and answer any questions you have. If you have a larger group that wishes to schedule a specific time and date for a tour, please email us at for more information.


Q: Where is the brewery located?                                                            
A: We are located at 4500 5th Ave. South Birmingham, AL 35222.