Cahaba Brewing Co
+ Faith Skate
+ John Lytle Wilson


This is a story of three Birmingham staples jumping in to bring artistic expressions together—beer, skateboarding, and painting—Cahaba Brewing Company, Faith Skate Supply, and John Lytle Wilson.

Like most people of Birmingham, Peter (Owner of Faith Skate Supply) has been a fan of John Lytle Wilson for quite some time. Though they never had a chance to meet before this collaboration, dreams of colorful robots and mischievous monkeys on a skate deck were persistent on his mind.

While John Lytle Wilson hand painted some skate decks in the past, he has never put any into production. He considers himself “a clumsy artist who can’t skate” yet jumped at the opportunity to collaborate in a way that proves his agility.

This limited run of skate decks with John Lytle Wilson’s “corrected” artwork is a celebration of all things Birmingham. Now you might ask–where does that delicious, hearty beer come into play? Well, in conjunction with the skate deck release, Cahaba Brewing Company worked closely with Peter and John to bring you Lemon Drop In.  

From the beginning, John has voiced strong opinions on what this beer should be: It should be Belgian! It should be hoppy! It should be citrusy! While Peter’s heart would be content with a well-balanced and drinkable beer, quite simply.

Cahaba Brewing set out to bring this vision to life. With Belgian yeast, Lemon Drop and Citra hops and grains of paradise, Lemon Drop In is a Pale Ale with bright, pleasant citrus and an edgy kick from Belgian yeast.  

When taste testing the brew, John said “I LOVE IT! And it definitely has the lemon thing down” in a way that made us at Cahaba Brewing Company feel like the deed was done, the job carried out, and the objective was met.

Peter adds how he has wanted to do something like this for a while and is very thankful that this all came full circle because, “what could go wrong when you mix a hazardous sport with alcohol?”

Check out a sneak peek of the limited edition skate deck, now available for pre-sale at Cahaba.craftcellr.com:



Join us in the Taproom for a HUGE party with raffle tickets and giveaways, skate competitions, music by DJ Sinkhole, create-your-own robot costume, specialty release beer and a limited edition Faith Skate deck signed with artwork by John Lytle Wilson.

Skate competitions by Faith Skate will start at 3pm! Grab your board and enter the best trick keg jump, best ollie, and stein hoist competitions!

A free look into our production facility will begin at 5pm.

Food from Noble Dogs onsite starting at 1pm.

Visit the Facebook event and RSVP: facebook.com/events/853105251727996/

Find out more about Faith Skate Supply at http://www.faithskatesupply.com/

Find out more about John Lytle Wilson at http://johnlytlewilson.com/